By: Bree Browder and Rachel Lewis

Note: This project is split into 3 parts- Research, Prototype, Validate

Designer Language — Research


Here at Holberton School, we are tasked with a group project in which we redesign the Spotify desktop app for better user experience. We want to identify opportunities to encourage users to stream…


HTML is a programming language for the web. It’s easy to hear that and get a little apprehensive but I can assure you it isn’t like other languages. This one is actually a whole lot easier. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is basic code used to build out…


Great question, GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection. This is an optimizing compiler that supports various programming languages. One of them being, the C Language that we are currently learning at Holberton School through project based and collaborative peer learning.


Compilation is a very…

“Hello, I am writing you because we’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty, please proceed with the message and have your banking info on hand.”

Yeah… so if you’ve clicked the suspicious link in your browser and disregarded the advice not to… you’re in luck! …

Bree Browder

Full Stack Web Developer

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